In the field of escort services, dialog is essential. However, there are certain questions and requests that are considered inappropriate or disrespectful. Knowing what not to ask an escort is just as important as knowing what questions to ask. Therefore, this guide's purpose is to enlighten clients on the boundaries to respect when engaging with escorts.

10 Big No-no’s

The following list contains all the topics that are completely off-limits:

1. Requests for personal information

Why you should avoid it: Asking an escort her real name, personal contact details, or probing into her personal life is a violation of privacy and professionalism. Escorts maintain their anonymity for security and personal reasons.

What to bear in mind: Respect their privacy and understand that the professional boundary exists for a reason.

2. Negotiate established prices

Why avoid it: Trying to haggle over prices not only undermines the value of the escort's services, it can also be seen as disrespectful. Prices are set for a reason and must be respected.

What to bear in mind: Honor the prices indicated and understand that quality services have a fixed price.

3. Pushing for unprotected services

Why avoid: Requesting unprotected services constitutes a significant risk to the health of both parties. It shows a disregard for safety and well-being.

What to remember: Always prioritize safety and respect companion protection policies.

4. Requesting illegal services

Why you should avoid it: Asking or insisting on illegal activities, including those beyond the escort's advertised services, is not only unethical but also puts both parties at legal risk.

What to keep in mind: Stay within legal limits and respect the scope of the services offered.

5. Intrusive questions about other clients

Why you should avoid it: Asking about other clients, their identities, or experiences is inappropriate. It violates the escort's confidentiality and professionalism.

What to remember: Focus on your experience and respect the privacy of others.

6. Asking for time out of hours

Why avoid it: Asking an escort to spend time with you "out of hours" can be perceived as devaluing their time and professional commitment.

What to keep in mind: Understand that time is a valuable asset in this profession and should be compensated accordingly.

7. Making comparisons or insensitive comments

Why you should avoid it: Avoid making comparisons with other escorts or judging their appearance, services, or prices. Such comments can be offensive and disrespectful.

What to remember: Be polite and respectful in your interactions, focusing on the positive aspects of your experience.

8. Pressuring to establish personal relationships

Why avoid: It's important to remember that interaction is a professional service. Seeking a personal relationship outside of professional boundaries can make the companion uncomfortable and is often against their policies.

What to remember: Maintain professional boundaries and respect the nature of the companion-client relationship.

9. Ignoring the companion's boundaries

Why avoid it: Not respecting an escort's boundaries, whether it's certain services or personal boundaries, is not only disrespectful but can also lead to an uncomfortable and negative experience.

What to remember: Always ask for consent and respect the limits set by the escort.

10. Excessive or inappropriate questions

What to avoid: Overly personal or explicit questions that are not relevant to the service can make the companion feel uncomfortable or disrespected.

What to remember: Keep the conversation professional and relevant to the services being provided.

Key Takeaways

Professionalism, mutual respect, and understanding are essential in the world of escorts. It's important to know what not to ask an escort to keep the encounter civil and pleasant for both of you. Always prioritize consent, respect boundaries, and offer the escort the same consideration you would like to receive in return. Remember that everyone involved will always have a better experience when you approach the situation with a positive attitude and respect.