Working as an escort can be exciting and rewarding. But that’s only possible if you take the correct approach when learning to become an escort.

Read this guide to learn the 5 steps you must follow to become an escort.

Let’s get started!

How To Become An Escort

Here are the 5 steps you need to follow to become an escort:

1. Learn From Others

Becoming an escort involves a steep learning curve like any other career. However, learning from others allows you to speed up the process and avoid many rookie mistakes.

Read about the real-life experiences of other escorts online. Then, seek out a mentor who can show you the ropes.

2. Choose Your Terms

Next, decide what terms you’d like to work by. For example, will you only do in-call work where clients come to your location? Or do you prefer outcall work where you go to their hotels?

One major benefit of escort work is that you have plenty of flexibility to work according to your own terms and schedules.

3. Treat It Like A Business

From day one, you must understand that your escort work is a business and you’re an entrepreneur. You are your own boss, which means you must hold yourself up to high professional standards because no one else will tell you to do it.

For example, track every dollar you make from your escort work and keep organized records. Before you go spending your earnings, be sure to set some aside for emergencies.

On top of that, always be investing in yourself to become a better companion for your clients. That can include investing in outfits or any additional training that will benefit your business.

4. Market Yourself

Next, you must market yourself so potential clients know you’re available. The best way to cast a wide net and reach as many people as possible is by advertising yourself on a well-known escort directory that interested clients visit.

That approach will save you plenty of time and effort in the long run.

5. Build Relationships With Clients

Lastly, put in the effort to build lasting relationships with your clients. 

Remember: in any business, it’s easier to serve repeat customers than to try to attract new ones.

Final Thoughts

Working as an escort can be very rewarding financially and in terms of career satisfaction. However, you must always remember to be as professional as possible.

Set your terms, learn from others, market yourself well and build strong relationships. When you do those things correctly, the sky’s the limit!