Contrary to popular belief, the 21st-century escort experience goes far beyond traditional adult entertainment. When you hire an escort, you’re not simply equipping yourself with a life-sized sex toy for a couple of hours. 

Escort dates resemble the full ‘girlfriend experience’ more than casual hookups. That is precisely why it’s the norm for men to find an escort they genuinely connect with and stick with them long-term. 

Some like to play the field, but others find so much more pleasure in building genuinely meaningful relationships with the escorts they date.

All is well and good, but what about those without prior experience in this kind of dating? What are the kinds of things you should and shouldn’t be doing if looking to get the most out of your experience with an escort?

The Four Golden Rules for Unforgettable Escort Dates 

It’s worth remembering that when you hook up with an escort, you’re paying for the services of a seasoned professional. Someone who knows exactly what good times are all about, giving you little to do but sit back and enjoy the ride.

Hence, getting the most out of a date with an escort can be surprisingly straightforward. Ask those who’ve worked in the industry for some time, and they’ll tell you that what matters most is the following:

1.  Smile 

Escorts need to know you’re enjoying yourself to know they’re doing their job right. A smile costs nothing yet can pave the way for an incredibly relaxed and enjoyable experience. Even if you’re nervous and feel completely out of your comfort zone, wear a smile, and the rest will take care of itself.

2.  Be Polite

An escort is not a ‘product’ that exists solely for your amusement. You’re dating an educated, experienced, and personable professional who deserves your utmost respect from start to finish.

3.  Chivalry

A little old-fashioned chivalry and romance can go a long way when dating escorts. Be mindful that the more valued and appreciated she feels, the more effort she will put into ensuring you have an unforgettable time. 

4.  Authenticity

Escorts generally hate clients who try to pretend they’re someone they’re not in a foolish effort to impress them. You’re far more likely to appeal to them and set the seal for a fantastic date if you always stick true to yourself.

That’s all there is to it – nothing more than you’d do naturally on any conventional date in the real world. 

How to Find Escorts

Finding an escort is as easy as checking out what’s available via an established and reputable agency. The traditional approach to finding escorts can be risky, as hiring directly with no intermediary brings no guarantees. When you hire escorts via reputable agencies, you’re more or less guaranteed equally reputable escorts. 

Along with images of the escorts available, agencies also allow escorts to publish detailed bios on their profiles. This will give you a good idea of the services they provide, making it much easier to find an escort to suit your preferences. 

Client reviews and recommendations on agency sites can also simplify finding a reputable escort you can trust. 

How to Have Sex with an Escort

Rounding off with the inescapable elephant in the room, exactly how do you have sex with an escort?

The answer...well, it depends entirely on the type of escort you hire. Not to mention what you had in mind when you hired her. 

When consulting escorts’ bios, you’ll see clear information regarding the kinds of services they offer. If something isn’t specifically mentioned in her bio, it’s something she doesn’t do. Therefore, it’s something you shouldn’t ask for or attempt to persuade her to do.

Either way, you should know exactly what services she provides before your date begins. In terms of when the physical side of the meeting gets underway, that’s entirely up to you. You can jump straight into bed when she arrives, or you can romance each other for several hours before getting to business. 

If it’s your first time, you can also tell your escort you’d like her to take total control of your rendezvous from start to finish. Let her steer the show, get you in the mood, and completely blow your mind when the time comes. 

It is, after all, what she does for a living.