How Long Should Sex Really Last?


Some boast of a quickie in the break room, others brag about hours and hours of tantric pleasure. But is there a specific length of time that sex should last for, and if so, what is it?

Blogs and health websites might throw out figures like ‘anywhere between 7 and 13 minutes should be good for all parties involved’ but there’s really no need to be quite so specific. Sex should last as long as it feels good for all participants, and if sex sessions are too long or too short, then it’s important to communicate, above all else.

There are No Stupid Questions!

Simply asking the question means that there’s been some thought put into the matter. Those who are concerned about how long they should last in bed are perhaps mindful of making it an enjoyable time for their partner, too.

The truth is that we’re not always honest when it comes to investigating our sex lives. That means that it’s a good idea to take the brags about ‘going all night’ with a pinch of salt. While most people might want their sex sessions to last longer, often they don’t.

What Counts as Sex?

Does sex start at foreplay? Does it end at climax? Much of the worry about wondering how long sex should last comes from knowing how to define it. For most people, sex means actual penetration, usually with the penis in the vagina.

For others, especially those who love to engage in long, languorous sessions, merely the act of touching another person intimately means they’re having sex. Sex can even mean having some alone time when there’s no other soul around.

Because it’s not always easy to define, it makes timing sex even more difficult. That doesn’t mean that the 7–13-minute estimate is necessarily plucked out of thin air, however. A lot of couples have stated that anything under 7 minutes is too quick, and anything over 13 minutes feels too long.

If You're Not Happy, Speak Up!

There are plenty of factors that affect how long sex lasts. For couples with busy lives and families to look after and who demand their time, simply snatching a ten-minute quickie at the end of the day is perfect.

Older people might think back to all those hours they spent frolicking in bed in their younger days and wonder where on earth they got all their energy. Sickness, busy lives, age, and even personal preferences are all factors that affect the amount of time people spend in a single sex session.

If sex feels good, lasts the right amount of time, and everyone goes home satisfied, then perhaps all is well. But what if your sex life just isn’t cutting it anymore?

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